CITY OF ROCKY MOUNT- Transmission Poles Replacement Project- Rocky Mount, North Carolina

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2:00 pm



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Transmission Poles Replacement Project


Albemarle ave, rocky mount, North Carolina, 27801

The City of Rocky Mount is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to perform a Transmission & Distribution pole change out project. This work will take place in Rocky Mount North Carolina. The vendor awarded the contract shall be responsible for all labor, transportation, and insurance needed to perform the project in a safe and workmanlike manner for acceptance by the City of Rocky Mount.

The contract requirements to be performed by the Company awarded the contract shall include but not be limited to the following:
1. Each steel transmission pole will need to be field drilled to the City of Rocky Mount requirements.

2. With advance notice to the Electric Distribution Supervisor, the 12 KV distribution maybe and 69 KV
transmission will be de-energized during the wooden pole removal and the steel transmission pole

3. The Company awarded the contract shall immediately remove any trash or debris generated by their work from each job site immediately and disposed of properly per State and Local regulations and policies.

4. All work is to be performed in a safe manner in compliance with all accepted common industry practices and all OSHA, federal, state and local regulations.

5. Any damage(s) caused by the Company awarded the contract while performing the contract requirements shall be the sole responsibility of the Company and shall be remedied by the Company before payment is rendered by the City.

6. The Company awarded the contract will be representing the City of Rocky Mount and shall display a
professional appearance at all times, consisting of FR uniforms of at least 4 ATPV. PPE being worn at all
times by the Company employees.

7. Transfer all attachments. The city will transfer all distribution and foreign attachments. The city will pull the old pole.

HUB vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. 

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