City of Charlotte- N. Tryon St and 36th Streetscape Project- Charlotte, North Carolina

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City of Charlotte

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3:00 pm


531 Spratt Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28206

Project Information

N. Tryon St and 36th Streetscape Project


N Tryon St and 36th St., Charlotte, North Carolina, 28206

The project will provide infrastructure improvements that include sidewalk,
curb and gutter, milling-resurfacing, pedestrian refuge and signals, cross walks,
planting strips, pedestrian and street lighting, bike lanes, on-street parking. The
project will provide 0.4 miles of streetscape along 36th Street between North
Tryon Street and Davidson Street. The conceptual cross section includes two
travel lanes, bike lanes, on-street parking on both sides, curb and gutter,
sidewalk and planting strip and street trees. The project will tie into the Blue
Line Extension project on 36th Street

HUB vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. 

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2:00 pm


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