City of Kinston- Lawrence Heights Water and Sewer Replacement Project- Kinston, North Carolina

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City of Kinston

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2:00 pm


2360 U.S. Hwy 258 South, Kinston, North Carolina, 28504

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Lawrence Heights Water and Sewer Replacement Project


1401 Old Snow Hill Rd., Kinston, North Carolina, 28501

This project will replace old (>50 years old) terra cotta sewer line, along Old Snow Hill Road from East Highland Avenue to Jackson Lane. The project will replace 11,348 LF 8" line, 1,310 LF 10" line, 279 sewer services, and 45 Sewer Manholes along with miscellaneous storm sewer repairs throughout the project area. The area has high I/I, collapsed lines, and service interruptions. Project will help alleviate inflow and infiltration and exfiltration issues. Work will be included along the following streets: Jackson, Dixon, Williams, Stadiem, Highland, Old Snow Hill, Hyman, Stroud, Charlotte, George, Nobles, and Lawrence. The project will help alleviate inflow and infiltration and exfiltration issues.

The project also includes the replacement of 8,752 feet of 6” water line, 194 water services, 17 fire hydrants and associated work. The water system currently consists of galvanized and cast iron pipes over 50 years old. The system has several leaks each year and numerous water quality complaints due to corrosion of the pipes. The city performs extensive flushing in the neighborhood. The project will reduce maintenance activities, water waste from flushing and will improve the quality of water for our customers.

HUB vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. 

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