City of Rocky Mount-Business Services Center Renovation Design- Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Event Description

Organization Information

City of Rocky Mount

BID Information

4:00 pm


331 South Franklin Street, rocky mount, North Carolina, 27801

Project Information

Business Services Center Renovation Design


224 Franklin Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 27804

The city is seeking qualified Architectural/Engineering firms to design a construction project at our
Business Services Center facility located at 224. S. Franklin St. in Rocky Mount North Carolina.
The city is seeking to renovate various structures within the facility to extend the life of the

Construction on this project will need to occur in Winter of 2022. The facility is occupied by staff
and will remain occupied during any projects.


The purpose of this RFQu is to select the firm determined to be best able to provide the required
Professional Architectural Engineering Services based on the criteria specified herein and to generally set
forth the terms and conditions whereby the City of Rocky Mount will contract with the selected firm. The
Request for Qualifications packet submitted, and possible subsequent interviews shall serve as the basis
for selection. The information provided in the RFQu package from the City is intended to give information
to the prospective firms concerning the required services and the basis for awarding of the agreement for
engineering services. It is not necessarily intended to completely define the selection criteria or
contractual relationship to be entered into by the City of Rocky Mount and the successful firm(s).

The contracted services may include, but are not limited to the following:

• Evaluation of existing facility and infrastructure
• The project will focus on the following building systems:
o Roof Replacement
o Repair/Replacement of storefronts
o Sprinkler System retrofit
o Select window and exterior door repairs/replacements
o Various Electrical upgrades
o Remodel restrooms
o Select flooring upgrades
o Rendering of proposed space improvements
o Construction and bid administration services

HUB vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. 

Pre-Bid Information