Town of Montreat- Comprehensive Plan Update- Montreat, North Carolina

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Town of Montreat

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2:00 pm


1210 Montreat Rd/ P.O. Box 423, Montreat, North Carolina, 28757

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Comprehensive Plan Update


1210 Montreat Road, Black Mountain, North Carolina, 28711

The purpose of this project is to work with the Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee to actively engage citizens, staff, and the community in a process that will result in a Comprehensive Plan Update that will provide guidance in directing the Town’s land use policies, and physical and community development.

• Graphics: The selected vendor shall use visualization techniques that graphically and accurately depict pertinent information for each component of the Plan, including, but not limited to: branding, infographics, wordmaps, photographs, illustrations, and renderings. Easy to read and informative charts, graphs, and maps shall be used throughout the Plan. Graphics and coloring schemes shall be used as tools to distinguish important items as themes or goals throughout the Plan.

• Defined Recommendations and Implementation Strategies: recommendations and implementation strategies that are identified through the Plan shall be clear, consistent, and identified through an attractive and recognizable schematic throughout the Plan.

• Plan’s Accessibility and Length: The Plan update shall be written in a way that is accessible and understandable; the Plan will not be written for Planners but for the general public. The Plan will be concise but include all necessary components.

• Public Engagement: The Plan update shall be developed with robust public engagement, ensuring those that often do not participate have opportunities to participate in the development of outcomes. The engagement will include, to the best of vendor’s ability within the confines of the current public health crisis, some traditional methods of public engagement, such as surveys, and appropriately planned, safe public meetings following all recommended public health guidelines. The types and frequency of engagements, and the targeted constituencies, shall be quantified to ensure accountability and validity. The selected vendor will provide a Communication and Public Engagement Plan, which will outline best practices for equitable, safe in-person, online, and/or text- enabled participation.

• Environmental Protection: The Plan will recognize the Town’s efforts in resiliency and hazard mitigation, as well as outline future goals and actions necessary to maintain and improve our Town’s natural resources and environmental health. A review of the Hazard Mitigation Plan, Open Space Conservation Plan, Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Greenway Plan, as well as the Town’s Environmental Ordinances will be included in this component.


The Town of Montreat 2008 Comprehensive Plan is divided into three main components: Introduction, Montreat Today, and Montreat Tomorrow. Though all three section may contain some information that needs to be updated, it is expected that the focus of the update will be in the Montreat Tomorrow section.

1) Meet with staff and Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) to review project scope and timeline;

2) Begin the process of data compilation, utilizing Town staff resources to provide current plans and ordinances;

3) Develop procedure for compiling any missing data and analyze data;

4) Develop plan for public engagement in conjunction with the Committee;
5) Conduct meetings with the Committee, elected officials, and stakeholders to obtain input and guidance;

6) Conduct select meetings with the public in conjunction with the Committee;

7) Schedule periodic review meetings with staff on process and progress, and make periodic reports to the Committee and Town Boards;

8) Create materials for public meetings and media throughout Plan update;

9) Update Recommendations, Implementation Strategies and benchmarks under direction of the Committee;

10) Draft Plan, including written and graphic elements, and submit for ongoing review and approval, following project schedule;

11) Prepare public draft of the Plan and present to community;

12) Edit public draft, prepare final draft, and present to Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Commissioners for recommendation and adoption.

A preliminary timeline for the project is proposed in this RFP for general information purposes only, and may be adjusted with input from the selected vendor during the contract development phase, and is subject to change.

Task Completion Date
RFP Selection Process November 2021
Contract and Budget Approval November 2021
Evaluate Existing Conditions January 2022
Recommendations & Implementation Strategies Formation March 2022
Draft Recommendations and Strategies and Obtain Public Buy-in April 2022
Draft the Plan Beginning of May 2022
Planning Board Review End of May 2022
Board of Commissioner Review and Adoption June 9, 2022


The vendor shall provide both a print-ready, and a web-formatted copy best suited for online display, of the complete Comprehensive Plan. At the completion of the project the selected vendor shall provide to the Planning & Zoning Department digital copies of all data, photos, files, reports, and other documents collected and created during the planning process, in both static (PDF) and editable formats (ex: .JPG, .SHP, .INDD, .XLSX, .AI, .MXD, etc.) when applicable.

The following documents are available in digital form at the Town of Montreat website ( :
• Existing Town Ordinances -
• 2008 Comprehensive Plan -
• 2021 Buncombe Madison Hazard Mitigation Plan -
• Community Assessment Survey -
• Pedestrian, Bicycle, & Greenway Plan -

HUB vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. 

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