Nationally Standardized Testing Requirement

Home Schools

In accordance with G.S. 115C-564, the home school chief administrator is required to administer a nationally standardized test or other nationally standardized equivalent measurement to each enrolled student on an annual basis.

Test Qualifications:

  • Nationally standardized reporting scores as at least GE/AE, National Percentile rank
  • Measure achievement
  • Cover: English grammar, reading, spelling and mathematics.

The chief administrator is responsible for obtaining and/or scheduling the nationally standardized test at some time during the school year. DNPE, nor the public school provide the test or funding for the tests.

Some tests may be administered within the home and others require a certified administrator; consult the requirements of the selected test and their vendor for specific information.

The test results must be kept on file at the home school for at least one year thereafter. Failure to retain test results may jeopardize your child's proper grade placement when seeking enrollment in a conventional school. The test results must also be made available for inspection upon request by the Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE).

It is highly recommended that ALL test scores be retained for future reference in the student’s personal file within the home school. DNPE recommends to NEVER discard test scores. These test scores are an objective means of substantiating both legal compliance and progress to outside agencies if necessary.

Machined-scored assessments are not required nor is there a minimum score requirement on any nationally standardized test for any home school student. North Carolina public school End-of-Grade tests are also not required and typically cannot be administered to home school students

Administrators should not mail test scores to the DNPE unless specifically requested to do so. However, in the interest of self-accountability, a place is provided in the online home school record for Administrators to record the date of annual testing. No scores are reported in this log, only the date testing was conducted and the type of test used is recorded. This is not a requirement; however, this action does create a dated log entry for further documentation of legal compliance.

Below are tests home schools in North Carolina use most often; however, there are many others available to choose. It is the responsibility of the parent to confirm that a test meets the state requirements.

ACT w/essay
CLT 10
Terra Nova
Test Point
Woodcock Johnson

While there are other Standardized testing options available, this is just a comprehensive list of the nationally known test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SAT/ACT/PreSAT meet the testing requirements?

The developers of the SAT has eliminated the essay (writing) component of the exam. As a result, the SAT does not meet the requirements according to NC statutes for non-public schools that require national standardized tests to assess spelling. The ACT meets the testing requirements only if the writing portion is administered.  The PreSAT does not meet the testing requirements.

My student is older than 16, do I need to administer an achievement test?

Yes, every enrolled home school student should be tested each school year regardless of age.

I started home school in January, do I need to test before the end of the school year?

There are two laws which reference achievement testing:

§ 115C-549. Standardized testing requirements.
(which pertains to private schools part 1 and 2)
Each private church school or school of religious charter shall administer, at least once in each school year, a nationally standardized test or other nationally standardized equivalent measurement selected by the chief administrative officer of such school, to all students enrolled or regularly attending grades three, six and nine (the grades of testing are limited to grades 3, 6 and 9 in private schools)

§ 115C-564. Qualifications and requirements. (home schools are private schools are part 3 of Article 39 of G.S. 115C)
A home school shall make the election to operate under the qualifications of either Part 1 or Part 2 of this Article and shall meet the requirements of the Part elected, ……and except that testing requirements in G.S. 115C-549 and G.S. 115C-557 shall be on an annual basis taken together these two statutes indicate that home school students should be tested each school year, meaning annually rather than only in certain grades. It does NOT matter what month of the school year the test is administered.

Do I mail my test scores to DNPE each year?

No  – you only need to mail test scores if you are requested to do so. Otherwise we advise you keep ALL test scores in your home school files forever. These scores indicate to outside agencies that you were complying with the home school law and mark student progress.

What is the purpose of that part of the home school record that asks me to list the test we gave? This is optional and there is no penalty for not entering tests administered. To help home school parents, a field is provided in the record to record the test given and the month and year administered. This creates a log in the home school record signifying the Chief Administrator is complying with legal requirements and creates a record of compliance. Test scores are NEVER recorded into the school record.

Which tests are recommended for home schools?

There is no particular test required. A list of commonly used test is provided below, but this may not be an exhaustive list. Chief Administrators are responsible for ensuring that the test meets the requirements: nationally normed and standardized in administration, includes subtests in reading, grammar, spelling and mathematics.

My student has learning differences, do I need to test?

Yes  – All students enrolled must be tested. For students with significant academic delays we recommend using a specialize test such as the Brigance or other achievement tests may be more suitable for these students. Several vendors provide these options. If students are not capable of testing, a doctor’s note must be kept on file showing that the child is not physically/mentally capable to test.

What testing accommodations can be made for my student with learning differences?

Accomodations are alterations in the way tasks are presented and responses are given which allow students with disabilities to complete the same test as regular students. Accomodations are NOT alterations in the material or information and they should not provide an unfair advantage. The individual test publishers and venders generally can provide information on what type of accommodations are acceptable. Any accommodations should be noted on the test record.

Is machine scoring required?

Tests do not need to be machine scored.

Can parents administer the achievement test to their own children?

North Carolina does not prevent parents to administer tests to their own students so long as the test publisher allows this practice. Some tests must be given by administrators with specific credentials.

What is the purpose of giving an achievement test each year?

Annual testing allows parents to track their student’s progress and to identify areas of strength and weakness. Students do not pass from one grade to another based on achievement test scores. There are many factors which can be used to determine if a student should move on to a higher grade-level work. Achievement test scores may be used for grade placement if parents seek to enroll their students into a conventional private or public school. Principals generally require recent achievement tests for students returning to traditional school from home school.

The DNPE does not evaluate student progress through test scores and there is no minimal score which must be attained.


Nationally Standardized Achievement Test Vendors

Listed below are some sources from which you may purchase nationally standardized achievement testing services. 
This list is provided solely for your convenience in satisfying the North Carolina General Statutes' testing requirement for Non-Public school students.  The information below (along with related links from it) does not constitute a recommendation or an endorsement by the Division for any one of these vendors or their other related services. 

Test Vendor


Phone Number


Type of test provided.           

ATC Educational Services

Angie Cutlip
3700 Valley Pine Ct.
Wendell, NC 27591

Beverly Hardister
7740 Orchard Park Cir.
Harrisburg, NC 28075

Allison Olds
4408 Woodcroft Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28405


(919) 374-0282    
(Wendell location)

(704) 454-3140
(Charlotte location)

(910) 297-5302
(Wilmington location)



Cindy Hyde
705 Old Mountain Page Road Saluda, NC 28773


(828) 329-9921



Woodcock- Johnson IV

Stanford 10

Stanford 10 w/ OLSAT


IOWA Test w/ CogAT

Anchor Educational Evaluations & Consultations.

Rebecca Helms
207 West Chatham Steet
Apex, NC 27502

(919) 792-8340






Conners 3


Developmental Profile: 3

Anchor of Hope

Colleen Jones, M. Ed, Educational Therapist

Huntersville, NC 28078

(704) 942-4252 Woodcock-Johnson IV
Barnhill Testing

Barbara Barnhill, MA LPA HSP-PA
NC License #1607

7668 Cotton St.
Harrisburg, NC 28075
(Greater Charlotte Area)

(704) 618-5398

(prefer text or email contact)

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Oral Language

WJ Dyslexia report 

Bayside School Services

PO Box 250
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

(800) 723-3057
(252) 441-5351


Bindrim Testing & Educational Services

1063 Carriage Trl.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

(252) 451-0118



Bob Jones University Press

BJU Press Customer Service
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29614

(for questions)
M-F 8am-5pm EDT


Stanford 10 Form A

Iowa Tests Form C

Iowa Assessments Form E

Otis-Lenon School Abilities Test

Cognitive Abilities Test

Brewer Testing Services

2853 Davis Rd.
East Bend, NC 27018

(336) 699-3997

Test Questions:
Order/Grading Status Questions:

Stanford 10 Online (grades 3-12)

TerraNova/CAT6 (grades K-12) 

Iowa Tests (grades K-12) Administrator must have bachelor’s degree

Woodcock-Johnson III and IV  (Must be administered in company office) (Includes a 30 min. consultation)


Covenant Education Services

1213 Queen Anne Rd.
Wilson, NC 27896

(252) 281-4788


Woodcock Johnson

Peabody Individual Achievement Test Revised

The Wide Range Achievement Test 4

Complete Reading Inventory IQ




Crosspointe Educational Services


PO Box 10
Willow Spring, NC 27592

1421 East Broad St.
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

(919) 341-1552
(888) 713-1249



Davidson Academic Academy Kassandra Davidson (801) 953-3926 Email: Annual Testing and Special Education Services

ECHAD Educational Services

Educational Specialist in Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Behavior Modification

Angela L. Wilkinson, M.Ed.
307 Lancaster Avenue

Monroe, NC 28112


(704) 441-0465 Email:

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Oral Language

Growing Scholars

665 Belmorrow Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28214

(704) 394-2165



9 Batteries of the Woodcock- Johnson IV
Family Learning Organization (FLO) Marty Bereiter

(800) 405-8378
(509) 467-2552




SAT10 Online
CAT5 Survey

Foundations Educational Services LLC

2101 Piney Grove Wilbon Rd.
Holly Springs, NC 27540

(919) 758-0811


Teaching Achieving Students Inc. 

10237 Garrett Grigg Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28262 

(704) 453-9534


The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis

(Special Needs Testing)

Sara Moser

Licensed Special Education Teacher


(919) 234-1546


(919) 234-1603




The Cardinal Center provides four different tests for students with Special Needs.





Hewitt Educational Resources

2103 Main St.
Washougal, WA 98671

(360) 835-8708
(800) 348-1750 



Homeschool Boss

7576 260th St.
Wyoming, MN 55092

(844)746-2677 NWEA MAP Growth Tests

Homeschool Testing Services

Service for  Classical Conversations, Inc.

255 Grant St.
West End, NC 27376


(910) 673-0100 Ext.1


CTP4 (Offered On site)

Stanford 10, Online (at home), Testing location, Test Booklet (at home)

Kipman Psychometry Services

Amber Kippie-Reischman
Kipman Psychometry Services

(210) 748-4078



Lighthouse Educational Services

81 Kendall Dr.
Clayton, NC 27520

(919) 302-5786


Woodcock Johnson IV: Achievement and Cognitive

Professional Teaching & Testing

Penny M. Smelcer
1107 Fallen Oak Dr.
Apex, NC 27502

(919) 362-1658



Woodcock-Johnson IV

(Triangle area)

Piedmont Education Services

1629 Turfwood Dr.
Pfafftown, NC 27040

(336) 924-2494


Seton Testing Service

1350 Progress Dr.
Front Royal, VA 22630

(800) 542-1066

FAX: (888) 282-7806


IOWA forms A and E



Terranova 2

 Stanford 10 online

Diagnostic Testing


Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training



Asheville Area

Glenna Toney
Asheville, NC

(828) 775-7949



Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (WJIV)

Woodcock-Johnson Broad Oral Language Tests

WJIV Dyslexia Screening (Non-Diagnosis)

IOWA Tests
CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)

Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills-Revised (CIBS-R)



Caldwell/Catawba/Burke/Alexander Area

Jennifer Baker
Hickory, NC

(828) 381-7892 

Greensboro/Burlington/Raleigh/Durham Area

Megan Beasley
Burlington, NC

(704) 813-5186

Polk/Rutherford Area

Millie McCall
Mill Spring, NC

(828) 243-5339

Sylva/Franklin/Bryson City Area

Mary Oliver
Sylva, NC

(828) 508-8976

Wilmington/Southeastern NC Area

Heather Ertzberger
Wilmington, NC

(910) 367 - 5797

Winston Salem/Lexington/Salisbury Area

Mandy Koontz
Lexington, NC

(336) 442-7416

Southeast Educational Associates

Saltville, VA 24370

(276) 496-7777




additional essay subtest is required to count these test. The PSAT/PACT does not fufill the testing requirements.

Please register online.

SAT Home-School code 970000

ACT Home-School code 969-999



High Ground Solutions

2100 River Haven Dr.
Suite 210
Birmingham, AL 35244

(888) 988-5884


Triangle Education Assessments, LLC

5512 Merion Station Dr.
Apex, NC 27539

(919) 387-7004

(877) 843-8837



IOWA Test of Basic Skills Forms A (paper) Form E (paper and online)

Stanford 10 (paper and online)

Woodcock-Johnson Achievement (III and IV)


Terranova 2

BASI (on computer in our office)

Brigance (Special needs developmentally 7 years old and younger)



Interest Explorer

Triangle Learning and Development Resources

209 Lloyd St.
Suite 230
Carrboro, NC 27510

(919) 886-4437

Woodcock Johnson-Fourth Edition (WJ-IV)