Special Property Bids

While the electronic bid process is the primary method used to sell surplus property, some items are sold through special bids. Items offered may be Term Contracts or one time bids.

Building Demolitions

Please check this site often for future sales.

Computers and Components

E-waste and Related computer recyclables are on a 3 year Contract with P & C, Contract # 926C.

Other miscellaneous computer related items are available for bid and sale through the State Surplus Property Web Site.

Misc. Tires

A 3 year convenience contract exists for commercial size tires, (Example, 11R22.5, 265/75/R22.5)

Please check this site often for any additional separate and unique size tires that may become available for bid.

Scrap Metal, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous

A one year contract For scrap metal exists. The contract assigns a vendor to each of the 14 NCDOT divisions. If you have questions please contact Chris Carrington at 919-814-5618 or christopher.carrington@doa.nc.gov


Special Property

Occasionally, the State Surplus Property Agency obtains notifications from state agencies of specialized equipment or special circumstances related to the disposal of surplus equipment. These items may have Terms and Conditions and/or specific disposal requirements that require special bid documents, mandatory site visits, etc. When such items are identified, the SSPA will post the advertisements in special formats in this section.

Please check this site often for future sales.

Timber and Pine Straw

Timber and Pine Straw on state forest land is offered when available.

Used Batteries

A convenience contract for the pickup of Wet Cell Type Batteries (Automotive and Computer Storage) is offered on a 3 year contract.

Used Oil and Antifreeze

A convenience contract for the pickup of Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze and Sorbents is offered on a 3 year contract. 


Any questions or concerns you may have about Recycling, you may contact Chris Carrington @ 919-814-5618.