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State Surplus Property Contacts

Physical Address:                                             Mailing Address:

6501 Chapel Hill Road                                    1310 Mail Service Center

Raleigh NC 27607                                           Raleigh NC 27699-1310

Business Operations      
Gwen Williams Director 919-814-5605
Chantelle Smalley Executive Assistant to the Director 919-814-5612
Pam Hicks Deputy Director 919-814-5606

Matthew Schedler Business Services Coordinator 919-814-5613

Administrative Services      


Administrative Officer  


Lisa Henderson Administrative Supervisor 919-814-5601
Ira Tripp Administrative Services Lead 919-814-5603
Nikkia Higgs Administrative Associate 919-814-5600
Kadisha Molyneaux Administrative Associate 919-814-5600

Elizabeth Boulden Administrative Specialist 919-814-5610
Brian Poe Shipping/Receiving Supervisor 919-814-5609
Spencer Huffman Administrative Associate 919-814-5611
Antoine Williams Electronics Technician 919-814-5624
Nizam Yousef Electronics Technician 919-814-5619
Clay Ward Administrative Associate 919-814-5623
Vacant Administrative Associate 919-814-5623  
Chris Carrington Warehouse Operations Manager 919-814-5618
Robert Tomlinson Warehouse Manager 919-814-5615
Michael Williams Shipping/Receiving Supervisor 919-814-5621
Vacant Logistics Coordinator 919-814-5620
Quincy Glover Administrative Associate 919-814-5622
Kevin Gore Administrative Associate 919-814-5622
Joshua Miller Administrative Associate 919-814-5622
Abdul Allen Administrative Associate 919-814-5622
Michael Clark Administrative Associate 919-814-5622