Who to Contact with your Questions

North Carolina State Surplus Property Agency


In an effort to be more efficient and serve you better, we have developed a list of contacts to aid you in answering your questions.  Should you have questions related to the listed topics, please contact the appropriate person for a prompt and courteous response.

Should you have a question not covered by the topics listed, please contact the SSPA at 919-814-5600 or email us at ssp.info@doa.nc.gov

For questions related to:

Issues with Political Impact

Business issues and Operations

Gwen Williams, Director, Division of Surplus




For questions related to:

Customer service issues

Business Operations

Gwen Williams, Business Officer




For questions related to:

Determining if payment has been received.  Titles. Paying a default fee.

Assistance with the online system.

Notarized authorizations to pick-up property on someone else’s behalf


Lisa Henderson                                              Ira Tripp                             Nikkia Higgs                     Kadisha Molyneaux

919-814-5601                                        919-814-5603                   919-814-5604                        919-814-5602

lisa.henderson@doa.nc.gov                       Ira.tripp@doa.nc.gov       nikkia.higgs@doa.nc.gov      Kadisha.Molyenaux@doa.nc.gov

For questions related to:

A surplus vehicle

Retail purchase of a former NCSHP vehicle

 Elizabeth Boulden, Vehicle Administrator                                               Brian Poe, Vehicle Logistics 

919-814-5610                                                                              919-814-5609

        elizabeth.boulden@doa.nc.gov                                                    brian.poe@doa.nc.gov 


For questions related to:

Warehouse property

Retail purchase of miscellaneous items - desk, chairs, file cabinets etc.

Chris Carrington, General Property Warehouse Manager          Mike Williams Asst. Warehouse Manager

919-814-5618                                                                           919-814-5621

christopher.carrington@doa.nc.gov                                             michael.williams@doa.nc.gov



For questions related to:

Surplus Computers

          Antoine Williams




For questions related to:

Financial Questions


Matt Schedler, Manager, Financial Service



A list of popular questions and information is located at Surplus FAQ's