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Who Is On My P&C Service Team?

P&C Service Teams

P&C Service Teams provide a single point of contact for mandatory agencies.  Locate your agency below and contact the manager of the appropriate team for all your procurement needs. Click here to view the memorandum issued on July 20, 2018.


*For a complete list of P&C contacts, click here.

Team #1: Bahaa Jizi (Manager)Nicole Mathis

  • Community Colleges (G-Z)
  • Department of Labor
  • General Assembly
  • Department of Environmental Quality
  • Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
  • Secretary of State
  • Department of Public Instruction
  • Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Department of the State Treasurer
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Office of the State Controller
  • The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Team #2: Grant Braley (Manager)Jim BlueRyan Longmire
  • University of North Carolina System
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Commerce
  • NC State Crime Lab
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Insurance
  • NC Justice Academy (East and West)


Team #3: Margaret Serapin (Manager)Steve HusseyAvery Johnson
  • Community Colleges (A-F)
  • Department of Administration
  • Office of State Human Resources
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Broughton Hospital
  • J. Iverson Riddle Development Center
  • State Lab of Public Health
  • Caswell Center
  • Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
  • Cherry Hospital
  • Central Regional Hospital
  • Murdoch Center
  • O’ Berry Center



Team #4: David O'Neal (Manager)Sandy AndersonRich Reber
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Wildlife Resource Commission
  • NC State Ports Authority