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Please use this form to submit your BID Opportunities.  

The HUB Office will publish bid opportunities on our Upcoming Events - HUB Bid Opportunities Calendar and e-mail a link for the posting to the contact provided below.
Please be aware of the North Carolina State government holidays when the HUB Office is closed bid opportunities submitted on those dates will not be posted until the next business day after the holiday.   

Please allow 2 business days for bid opportunities to be posted and at least 10 calendar days after posting for HUB vendors to review solicitations. If less time is provided between posting and the bid due date the HUB Office will not post the solicitation and we will e-mail the contact provided below.

Please include language in your solicitations encouraging bids from Historically Underutilized Businesses (if you do not include such language, the HUB Office will add it to your posting).



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