What are the key functions of the HUB Office?

As a result of Executive Order #150 and General Statutes 143-48 & 143-128.2(g)(1)(2)(3), the Historically Underutilized Business Program was established to encourage increased participation in the State’s procurement process. Effective April 20, 1999, the program was moved from the Division of Purchase and Contract to the Office of the Secretary of N.C. Department of Administration to increase the awareness and visibility of the program.

The primary objectives of the HUB Office are to:

  • Increase the amount of goods and services acquired by the state from businesses owned and controlled by HUB firms.
  • Encourage the purchasing officers within the state agencies, departments and universities to identify and utilize prospective HUB designated vendors and service providers.
  • Educate vendors on "how to" do business with the state.
  • Encourage participation of qualified HUB designated vendors by directing them to agencies that can benefit from their product or service.
  • Maintain a database of designated HUB vendors for use by state purchasers, general contractors and other purchasing entities seeking qualified vendors.
  • Sponsor seminars and conduct training workshops that assist HUB vendors become an active participant in state contracting opportunities.

What is the definition of HUB?

Fifty-one percent of the business is owned by, and the day-to-day management and daily business operations are controlled by, one of the following:

  • Black, Hispanic, Asian-American or American Indian
  • Female
  • Socially and Economically Disadvantaged person
  • Disabled.

How do I apply for HUB Certification?

What are the advantages of becoming certified as a HUB Vendor?

Certification as a HUB vendor provides greater exposure for business opportunities in state procurement and contracting. The names of HUB firms are listed in the Vendor Link System which is widely used by state agencies, universities, community colleges, local schools, local governments and institutions and the public to locate historically underutilized businesses for goods, services and construction.

What technical assistance does the HUB Office offer?

  • Assistance with online vendor registration and HUB Certification
  • Assistance with updating vendor profile
  • Bid searching techniques
  • Marketing strategies
  • One-on-one consultation
  • Business development needs assessment
  • Business resource and financial assistance referrals

What grants or other financial assistance does the HUB Office offer?

The HUB Office does not offer grants or financial services to HUB firms. However, we have collaborative partnerships with several business resource organizations that have financial programs that we refer HUB firms for assistance. The Small Business Administration is a good resource for financial assistance and/or grants.

Is a HUB firm assured of getting a contract?

No. HUB certification does not guarantee that you will receive a contract with the State of North Carolina nor any public entity. However, HUB certification does provide greater exposure for your firm to the business community. It is important to develop a marketing plan and market your business to the agencies who buy what you sell.