Design Review

The Design Review Section conducts a comprehensive review and approval for bidding and construction of all construction documents prepared under State contract for construction and/or renovation of all State owned/leased facilities.

Design Reviews ensures that the design and construction are in accordance with life safety, appropriations, give proper consideration to economy in first cost, maintenance costs, materials, and type of construction prior to bidding as defined under NCGS.S.143.

The section also assists the design contract administrator in designer selection and the construction monitor at construction site visit to resolve technical or contractual issues and in final inspection and acceptance of the project. Under emergency conditions, Design Review assists State and Federal Emergency Management in assessing damage in disaster areas.

Design Review Status

Design review status may be obtained from within the Interscope system.  If you're not a registered user of Interscope, then you may obtain this information from your Capital Projects Coordinator or the State Construction Office.