File an Intent to Operate a Home School

Notice of Intent to Operate a Home School


  • The State of North Carolina home school statistical year begins each July and concludes the following June 30. 
  • Once opened, your home school will remain open until you close the school.  Do not complete a new NOI each year.
  • If at any time the home school address changes, you must notify DNPE of the new home school address for your home school to remain open.  If at any time your address becomes invalid, we will close the home school file.

Open a Home School:

Before filing the Notice of Intent, please attend to these important details:
  1. If you already have an open home school – do not complete this form. If you need to update your information, use the Home School Updates and Changes Form below.  You only need one homeschool per family – not per student.  Add students through the Updates and Changes Form.
  2. If you have had an open home school within the last five years, do not complete this form. Use the Notice of Intent to RE-OPEN a Home School form (click the link below).
  3. Before you complete this form, have on hand diploma evidence for the Chief Administrator AND adults providing academic instruction.  Examples of appropriate evidence should include (one of the following): high school diploma or transcript, GED certificate with the date or transcript with the date, college diploma or transcript, professional license (real estate license is not acceptable), or DD214. (Any one of these items are acceptable.)
  4. You will need to select a name for your home school.  Choose a simple name appropriate for inclusion on a student's future high school diploma and transcript.  For more information on how to select a name for your home school, please read the Instructions for Selecting a Home School Name.  Any school submitting its Notice of Intent without providing an appropriate school name will automatically be assigned a school name as follows:  Last Name of Chief Administrator + School (example:  Smith School). 
  5. You will be notified through EMAIL when your Notice of Intent is processed (not your US Postal Service address). This email will contain a copy of the information you submitted and your Home School ID Number. You can use this email to withdraw your children from school.  You should print this email and keep a copy in your home school document file. 

Other important information:

  • Once you have successfully opened a home school, the home school will remain open until the Chief Administrator of the home school closes the home school (either by submitting a request online, or by calling or writing to DNPE), or until the address on file for the home school is no longer accurate, at which time DNPE will close the home school file.
  • Please check your Spam Folders for important emails from the DNPE.  Please do not submit diploma evidence to open your home school more than once. If you have not received a confirmation email from DNPE within 10 business days, call DNPE to inquire about the status of your home school.
  • If you submit a Notice of Intent to Operate a Home School for an address that is already on file for an existing home school, you will be contacted by DNPE.


Do NOT submit a Notice of Intent to Re-Open a Home School if you have NOT CLOSED your home school.  This feature is ONLY for those home schools that have closed within the last five years.

Re-Opening a Home School

Only the previous chief administrator can submit a request to Re-Open a Home School. 

This method requires that you:

  1. Provide your currently valid e-mail address to DNPE.
  2. Provide the previous name of the home school.
  3. Provide the previous address and county of the school when it was closed.

Click on Opening a New Home School if this is the first time that you are opening a home school or if it has been longer than five years since you terminated a previously-listed home school.