About Motor Fleet Management


In 1982, Motor Fleet Management was created under Statute 143 341 8 (i) and began at its current location of 1915 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh.  It was originally called Central Motor Pool and that name is still in use in some of our older statutes and administrative codes.  We began with approximately 3500 vehicles with the garage, vehicle assignment and the DOA Daycare Licensing office located in the building.  At that time the Director and Management Staff had offices in the DOA building downtown.  Back then Motor fleet operated with six mechanics, two body shop employees and one vehicle assignment employee. 

The Motor Pool as we know it today was located on East Peace Street until 2007 when it was relocated to Blue Ridge Road.  Motor Pool was finally closed on January 15th, 2016.  Our facility now houses Administration, Accounting, Garage/Service, Parts, Vehicle Assignment, Accident Reporting, Misuse and Title Room.  A tag office was opened and began issuing Motor Fleet owned license tags and registrations on May 1, 2014.

The first, and only female, Director of Motor Fleet Management was Rilla Woods.  She was followed by Carl Byrd, Dave Harris, Michael Hall, John Massey, Bill Buchanan and Ronald Allison.