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Reporting Issues in your Building or Facility

There are not enough Facility Management personnel to be everywhere in 125 facilities consisting of over 5.39 million square feet of office space and located on 850 acres of landscaped grounds. However, these buildings and grounds are occupied by state employees. Each facility usually has one or more state employee designated as a Building Coordinator. A Building Coordinator serves as the "eyes and ears" of Facility Management Division. If any employee observes a problem, they should report it to the appropriate Building Coordinator who will report the problem to Work Control. The Building Coordinator should be the only person to contact Work Control unless it is a true emergency. In that situation, the first person to observe an emergency situation should report it immediately to Work Control. One of the primary purposes for the Building Coordinator is to eliminate duplicate reporting of the same problem.

Building Coordinators should submit online requests using the Customer Work Request module for non-emergency problems. Once a customer work request is submitted, the Building Coordinator can use this module to track their requests. Work Control will create a service order and forward it to the appropriate shop for resolution.

During normal working hours from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, call Work Control at 919-733-2967 to report emergency problems in your building. If the problem is an emergency or needs immediate attention, Work Control will page the appropriate shop supervisor to have a service technician dispatched to the problem area.

After normal working hours, contact State Capitol Police at 919-733-3333 to report emergency situations.

View Customer Work Request System Instructions (pdf)

Report Issues Online through the Work Order Request System

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