Public Auctions

While the sealed bid process is the primary method used to sell surplus property, in special circumstances, the State Surplus Property Agency may utilize public auctions to sell property. Determination to utilize public auctions as a method of sale varies with the type and quantity of items made available by various state agencies.
Due to the different circumstances related to the sale of property by public auctions, Instructions, Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment Terms will be provided with individual advertisements and will be announced at the start of the sale.

DOT Surplus Equipment Auctions

The Department of Transportation uses public auctions to sell surplus equipment. Auctions are held at different locations across the state approximately three times per year, depending on equipment location and availability.
Equipment that may be available, but is not limited to, includes: pick-up trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, maintenance trucks, snow plowing equipment, salt spreaders, water tanks, trailers, asphalt patching and paving equipment, sweepers, tractors, bulldozers, backhoes, road graders, pumps, sprayers, etc.

Upcoming Auctions

As a result of House Bill 206 / SL 2019-199, DOT Equipment Auctions are currently being run by Rogers Realty & Auction Company, Inc. There are no upcoming scheduled auctions at this time. 

Should you have questions regarding upcoming auctions, please feel free to contact Rogers Realty & Auction Company, Inc.  at (336) 789-2926.