The Status of Women in North Carolina

More About The Status of Women In NC Reports

The Status of Women in NC Report is a four part series highlighting the progress and obstacles women continue to face and to encourage policy and programmatic changes that can improve opportunities for women across the state. The NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement in conjunction with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research will release consecutive reports covering North Carolina women as it relates to Employment & Earnings, Health & Wellness, Political Participation, and Poverty & Opportunity. The report builds on the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s long-standing report series, The Status of Women in the States, which has provided data on the status of women nationally and for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia since 1996, including a Status of Women North Carolina report in 2013, as well as a series of briefing papers for specific geographic areas within the state. The Status of Women in the States publications use data from U.S. government and other sources to analyze women’s status across multiple issue areas.