State Property for Sale

The following properties are being offered for sale by North Carolina State Government. For more information, please download the associated pdf from the list below.

County Name Property Description Property Mapping Site
Hertford County Click to View (pdf)                                                                                         

Proipert Maps


Wake County

Current Bid: $632,500.00


The current upset bid process begins 5/21/2021 and the bid must be raised by a minimum of 5% of the current high bid. Any upset bid must be accompanied by a certified or cashier’s check in the amount of 5% of that bid and must be in the State Property Office by the prescribed time. The upset bid period will be ten days and will end at 5pm on 5/31/2021. At the end of this upset period, the State Property Office will determine the bid and once again all bidders will be notified of the high bid so that they may have an opportunity to raise the bid. This procedure will continue until there are no further raises.



Farlow House (Click to View (pdf)

Historic Preservation Covenants

Asbestos Report (2019)

Asbestos Report (2016)