FAQs for GoPass

What is the GoPass program?

The popular GoPass is returning as part of a pilot program associated with NCDOT'€™s Fortify project, which will completely rebuild 11.5 miles of I-40/440 in Raleigh. By making GoPass available to eligible state employees, NCDOT hopes to help take 30,000 vehicles off the interstates to improve traffic flow while construction is underway. The GoPass provides eligible employees with access to all transit agencies in the Triangle (TTA, CAT, DATA, C-Tran, Chapel Hill Transit) to commute to and from their place of employment.

Who qualifies for a GoPass?

Permanent, full-time state government employees who work in Wake County. The following types of individuals do not qualify: elected officials, interns, pages, temporary and contract employees, retirees, and employees who are not eligible to participate in the State retirement system.

How do I obtain a GoPass?

Complete a GoPass application and bring it to the State Parking Office. There is a $25 administrative fee that must be payroll deducted from an employee'€™s paycheck. Employees must pick up their passes in person and present a valid State ID. Passes will not be mailed.

What is my department code/number?

You may view search for your department code/number here.

What do I do if I lose my GoPass?

If you lose your GoPass, immediately contact the State Parking Office by phone (984) 236-0190 or by email at parking@doa.nc.gov. You must complete another application to request a replacement and pay a $25 administrative fee.

Can I allow someone else to use my GoPass?

No. GoPasses can only be used by the employee who is issued the pass. Passes may not be transferred, sold or traded. Misuse of a pass will result in the immediate termination of GoPass privileges and the offending employee may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

When does my GoPass expire?

The expiration date is located on the pass. For each year, GoPasses are active between January 1st and December 31st of the year issued (date subject to change).

Where can I get more information about CAT and TTA bus schedules?

For detailed information regarding bus schedules and routes, visit GoTriangle.org.

Where can I get more information about the DOT Fortify Project?

You can find more information about NCDOT Fortify here.