Domestic Violence Commission

The Domestic Violence Commission consists of 36 members, who reflect the geographic and cultural regions of the State. The purpose of the Commission is to (i) assess statewide needs related to domestic violence, (ii) assure that necessary services, policies, and programs are provided to those in need, (iii) strengthen the existing domestic violence programs which have been established pursuant to G.S. 50B-9 and are funded through the Domestic Violence Center Fund, and (iv) recommend new domestic violence programs.

Meeting Dates

February 19, 2021 (10am to 2pm)
June 4, 2021 (10am to 2pm)
August 20, 2021 (10am to 2pm)
October 15, 2021 (10am to 2pm)


Council Members 
Deborah Weissman, Chair Tiffany Bell Shelby Benton

April Burgess-Johnson

Cathy Cloninger Kriquette Davis Kristy Dickerson

Dr. Jacqueline Dienemann

Saira Estrada Karen Fairley Surabhi Gawande

Regina Gurley

Casandra Hoekstra Tonya Horton Cheryl Howell

Jennifer Howell

Amedia Vaughan-Jones Holly Jones Sarah Kirkman

Bryan Miller

Sheriff Hans Miller Vickie Pait Sheriff Larry Pierce

Nora Salinas

Starleen Scott-Robinson The Honorable Christine Strader Annette Taylor

Sarah Owen Weeks

The Honorable Robert Wilkins    



Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2020 DV Commission Meeting Minutes Approved
May 15, 2020 DV Commission Meeting Minutes Approved
August 28, 2020 DV Commission Meeting Minutes Approved
October 23, 2020 DV Commission Meeting Minutes Approved